Our Services

We offer tuition at all levels of computer abilities.

  • Basic Computer Skills Tuition
    • Configuring broadband
    • Configuring mail software
    • Sending e-mails
    • Basics of MS Office
      • Text formatting in MS Word
      • Creating presentations in MS PowerPoint
      • Calculations in MS Excel
  • Intermediate Computing Tuition
    • Advanced MS Office applications
    • Basic website creation
    • Basics of programming
    • GCSE / A Level
      • ICT
      • Computing
      • Computer Science
  • Advanced Computer Science Tuition
    • Assistance in studying and understanding BSc modules
    • Help with BSc exams preparations
    • Assistance and guidance during BSc projects
  • MSc-level Computer Science Tuition

If you need more details about our offer, just send us an e-mail:

or call: 07708 220935